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Tips For Moving Your Big Screen TV To Your New Home


Getting ready for your big move, but not sure how you are going to move your big screen TV? It may be the most expensive single item that is going to be taken with you, and it is important that you take steps to ensure it is packed safely and adequately. Here are some tips to follow to ensure that the TV does not get broken during the move.

Use The Original Box

The best thing you can do is hold onto that original box that the television came in. It is made specifically for that TV, with custom-made inserts that prevent the TV from moving, and handles placed perfectly to distribute the weight. It is the best way to ensure that your TV is protected during a move. Unfortunately, you may have thrown that box away soon after the TV was purchased, which will not make this an option.

Buy A Specialty TV Moving Box

Check with your movers to see if they supply specialty boxes designed specifically for flat-screen televisions. They provide a lot of protection for this electronic device, but it won't have the perfect fit that the original box has. It is common for these boxes to come in different sizes based on the screen size of your TV, with their being inserts that can be moved to make the box slightly bigger or smaller.

Cover The Screen With Cardboard

Can't get a box? The next best thing you can do is cover that screen with a piece of cardboard. Measure the width and length of the screen and cut a piece of cardboard that matches its size. Secure the cardboard with plastic wrap, and you'll have protection to help prevent the screen from accidental impact. Go one step further and wrap the screen in moving blankets for additional protection.

Disconnect All Cords

You may be tempted to leave power or HDMI cords plugged into the television, but it is a big mistake. If these cords get hit or snagged on something during the move, it can cause damage to the port it is plugged into. You may end up having to pay for an expensive repair to get that port working again, which is damage that would have been completely preventable by unplugging all cords.

For more tips for moving a big screen television, ask your moving & storage companies. The can even offer moving insurance to cover accidental damage that happens during the move. 


11 May 2018