Creating A Beautiful Moving Experience

When my boss told me that I would be moving a lot for work, I didn't really understand what he meant. I thought he would want me to move once every few years, but he really meant that he wanted me to relocate about once every six months or so for the entire rest of the time I worked for the company. Af first I was pretty upset about it, but after a few relocations, I realized that it was actually a great opportunity to see new places and meet new people. I made this blog to create a better moving experience for everyone out there.

Make Your Residential Move An Easier One


Do you remember your last move? If so, it might not be your favorite memory, or maybe you've never really experienced a large move before. If that's the case, don't let other people scare you off. With careful planning, it doesn't have to be as bad as people have told you it is. Here are a few ideas that might help you.

A Moving Company - Whether you're moving a few blocks away or you're moving across the country, think about making arrangements with a company that specializes in residential moving. They'll have workers who have the training and the experience to make your move a smooth one. For example, if you ask the movers to be at your home at a certain time of the day, they'll make every effort to be there as close to that time as possible. If you need to be in your new house on a specific day, the movers can make that happen, too.

Just as important as the timeline, the workers from the moving company will know just how to pack your belongings. For example, if you have large, framed paintings, those items will likely be packed in special wooden crates. If you have fine porcelain collectibles, each one will be handled with great care. Home office equipment will be packed in a special way, too.

Packing Day - Decide at the very beginning that you won't let anything distract you from getting ready for the day when the packers will arrive. Get your family on board to help.

Think of telling your kids that nothing is going to happen in their lives until they have gone through their belongings carefully. Have a bin for items that are going to a charity organization and a separate bin for things that are going to a yard sale. Give everybody a big, plastic bag for things that need to be thrown away. 

Remind all the kids that anything that is left out will be packed by workers from the moving company. In other words, if a favorite stuffed animal is left out, it will probably be packed. With that in mind, think about giving each person something like a laundry basket and asking them to put things they will want immediately in their basket. Don't forget to keep medications with you. 

For more information or to schedule your move, contact a local moving company today.


10 July 2019