Creating A Beautiful Moving Experience

When my boss told me that I would be moving a lot for work, I didn't really understand what he meant. I thought he would want me to move once every few years, but he really meant that he wanted me to relocate about once every six months or so for the entire rest of the time I worked for the company. Af first I was pretty upset about it, but after a few relocations, I realized that it was actually a great opportunity to see new places and meet new people. I made this blog to create a better moving experience for everyone out there.

Have A Big Library? Know How To Move It To Your New Home


While many people are switching over to digital media, it's possible that you have a big library in your home. If the time has come to move, you'll want to know what to do to keep your books organized and safe for when they get to your destination. These tips will help you do it.

Consider Purging 

As much as you love having your big library of books, you may come to the realization that it is time to purge some of it. This will make the move easier because you won't be transporting books that you do not want anymore. Take the time to go through your collection and decide on the books that you want to donate, sell, or recycle. You may be surprised that you have at least a box or two worth of books that are not worth taking with you.

Organize Your Books When Packing

Chances are that you have a lot of organization when it comes to your library. You'll want to try and retain as much of that organization when it comes to packing your books so that it makes unpacking your books at your new home very easy. Consider organizing your books by shelf to retain the order that they were in at your old place, rather than trying to cram as many books as you can into a moving box.

Buy The Right Boxes

It's important that you purchase the right size box for the job, or else moving your library could be a bit disastrous. Since books are quite heavy, you'll want to find small boxes so that the weight is still manageable. The small box will also prevent the bottom from falling out during the move, which would cause your books to tumble to the ground and be damaged. In addition, make sure that you use plenty of tape along the bottom to support the weight of the books.

Pack The Books Properly

One reason that books tend to come out of a box bent out of shape is that they aren't stored properly. While you may think that you should be placing them with the spine facing upward so you can read the book in the box, this will put pressure on the pages and cause the book to bend. It is safe to pack them in any direction other than spine up ensures that they stay in good condition. For more tips and tricks, contact a local moving company in your area. 


28 April 2021